Selling your content in Google Play™?
Did you know you are merchant and seller of record?
Are you remitting taxes?
Do you understand your legal responsibilities?
Are you struggling with how to handle local,
state, federal, and international tax remittance?

How are you remitting your local, state, federal and international tax from Google Play™?

Let us automate your tax management so you can concentrate on your business!

Google Play offers an excellent distribution channel for you to expand your business by providing valuable traffic to your products. However, Google has burdened you with the responsibility for the global tax management and remittance for your products. According to Google, it is your responsibility as a merchant of record to:

  • Determine whether you are legally required to collect taxes
  • Gross-up the application price to include any taxes
  • Remit any required taxes to the relevant taxing authority

Digital River is a true global commerce provider, processing over $10 billion in transactions each year. Our technology, people, and process allow us to effectively manage not only the transaction, but the global tax remittance on behalf of our merchants using Digital River's automated tax management solution. As a Google Play merchant, you can use our best-of-brand processing and infrastructure to automate the calculation and tax remittance process anywhere in the world.

  1. Plug and play transaction download process

    Digital River will download your transactions from Google Play to seamlessly plug into the automated tax management solution.

  2. Automated tax calculation system

    Using Digital River's proprietary global tax engine, the system will calculate the tax amount for each transaction and ensure the accurate tax amount is remitted to the applicable states and countries.

  3. End-to-end reporting capabilities

    Digital River will provide transparent insight into each of the transactions including the tax calculation and amount remitted to each applicable state and country.

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