World Payments: Risk Management

Minimize fraud. Maximize sales. Protect every transaction.

One-size-fits-all fraud services are not an effective way to manage your risks or protect your most valuable transactions. Digital River® World Payments provides real-time e-commerce payment risk management and fraud prevention programs. These programs make fast fraud decisions based on rules that are customized to the individual product level to meet your unique challenges and help you convert more sales to the bottom line.


Accurate, real-time fraud decisions

Any payment fraud management program should protect you from the obvious bad guys. But what about the good guys—valid customers who are erroneously blocked from buying your products? To recognize more valid customers while keeping cyber criminals at bay, you need a fraud prevention program that manages fraud profiles at the site and detects fraud indicators before payment information is provided at checkout. Digital River World Payments comprehensive risk management programs leverage the most complete set of real-time fraud detection tools in the industry, along with a team of highly trained global risk and compliance experts. It’s an approach that allows you to capture, defend, and protect every sale you’ve earned.

  • A prevention-focused approach that uses “smart” technologies to identify a risk proactively--before it costs you money and manual review time
  • Product-level customization of fraud rules and thresholds to maximize your profit on high margin items
  • Decisive action based on expansive insight into the rapidly-changing global fraud landscape



Proven Results

>  Best-in-class technology: Over $8 billion in online transactions processed every year.

>  Proven revenue driver: Extend your reach into more than 180 countries with more than 40 local payment options.

>  Unparalleled global expertise: More than 15 years of revenue-focused payment program management and optimization success across retail, social media, and travel and entertainment industries.

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