World Payments: Optimization Services

Move the needle with a payment optimization strategy.

If your payment program isn’t optimized, the sale you’ve driven to your cart can quickly slip away. Digital River® World Payments develops optimized payment programs aligned to your tactical and strategic global commerce goals.


Drive conversion and boost average order value

You know that you need a fast and easy checkout process to capture more sales. But did you know that there are innovative data-driven payment optimization tactics you can implement that can generate incremental transaction revenue, as well? Successful merchants rely on Digital River World Payments unparalleled global expertise in payment optimization to drive conversion, boost average order value and reduce cart abandonment.

If you’re ready to move the needle on your e-commerce revenue, capitalize on our strategic approach to payment optimization:

  • Relevant local payment methods, positioned in an optimized and familiar format, to reduce cart abandonment and ensure quick transaction completion
  • Data-driven marketing strategies to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Authorization rate improvement programs customized to your products and business



Proven Results

>  Best-in-class technology: Over $8 billion in online transactions processed every year.

>  Proven revenue driver: Extend your reach into more than 180 countries with more than 40 local payment options.

>  Unparalleled global expertise: More than 15 years of revenue-focused payment program management and optimization success across retail, social media, and travel and entertainment industries.

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