marketStream: Let Digital River Build Your Online Sales Network

Reach millions of unique, 

relevant online consumers every month.

With Digital River® marketStream™, you'll gain full access to our distribution network of retailers, affiliates and other industry leading partners. Our well-known, well-established network will help promote, display and merchandise your products – and ultimately expand your market reach and build your global online sales.


Integrated e-tail and branded retail programs

  • Top name retailers: Work with some of the largest and most respected online retailers on the Internet.
  • Product visibility: Introduce your products to more buyers, in more markets.
  • Customer loyalty: Get your products in front of customers loyal to specific retailers — customers you may not meet any other way.
  • Expert marketing support: Work with Digital River's merchandising experts and retail partners to
    promote your products.
  • Global expansion: Sell your products across global boundaries through Digital River's network.
  • Participation is simple: Retailers use a catalog feed of product content for sale through their proprietary commerce platforms or use fully-hosted Digital River storefronts.


Digital River Affiliate Network

Tap into a leading online affiliate program for software, consumer electronics and games. Now you can expand your presence around the globe, build more sales and make more money online without risking your time and money prospecting new channels and partners.

  • Widest possible coverage: Reach over 100,000 affiliates from around the world.
  • Unmatched product selection: Promote the products of tens of thousands of PC and Mac software and game publishers, and CE manufacturers.
  • Global reach: Target your key geographies with localized software and preferred product brands.
  • Brand integrity: Choose to run traffic through your own branded storefront or a private network hosted
    by Digital River.
  • Flexible site design: Build a custom landing page yourself or use our templates and site builder tools.
  • Simple management: Easily run your affiliate program using intuitive remote control tools or with the help of Digital River experts.
  • Turnkey accounting: Integrate with our affiliate program to instantly automate accounting processes
    and affiliate payments.


Online distribution portals

With access to the largest online digital distribution network, your products gain exclusive exposure and instant access to new global markets.

  • Exclusive product exposure: Gain access to global channels that attract more than 160 million qualified visitors on a monthly basis.
  • Global markets: Quickly reach the largest global audience of software enthusiasts.
  • High quality and localized content and services: Take advantage of multiple languages, editor reviews, user comments and ratings.
  • Effective marketing and promotion options: Increase sales and distribution with exclusive discounts and tools.

Our key partnerships with Softonic, the leading software download site in Europe and Latin America, and CNET, the world's largest download portal and market leader in the United States, can help you effortlessly drive more global traffic and convert more sales.

  • Access key international markets and grow your business through Europe's largest online distribution portal.
  • CNET Put your software in front of 85 million unique software consumers every month.


Highlighted Industries

Different industries demand different
global cloud commerce strategies. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges and needs specific to each of these markets.


>  Software
We understand the nuances of today's on-demand software marketplace and translate that into increased global sales for our clients.


>  Games
We stay well ahead of industry trends so you can generate more revenue from your games.


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Software Distribution Channels

At Digital River's Globalocity commerce conference, CEO Joel Ronning shares why additional online distribution channels – like Softonic – matter to software companies.


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