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Digital River® marketStudio™ offers a collection of advanced marketing tools you can manage on your own. With marketStudio tools, you can promote your products, services and online store. You'll be armed with the marketing power you need to attract more customers, convert more sales and enhance long-term customer value.


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Digital River Email

Acquire new customers and convert more sales by optimizing your email marketing program. Digital River® Email helps you create highly targeted and relevant messages that connect with your customers.

  • Create: Build multi-touch email campaigns that begin with new customer acquisition and continue through the customer lifecycle.
  • Optimize: Use response and behavioral data to identify your most profitable customers and reach them when they're ready to buy.
  • Repeat: Automate your email program to ensure effective customer targeting and drive incremental revenue.
  • Exclusive: Use powerful tools to deliver valuable and flexible lifecycle messaging tools and strategies.

Digital River Email is also known as BlueHornet Networks.


Digital River Analytics

Ensure every aspect of your site performs. Digital River® Analytics let you easily monitor key perfomance indicators so you can quickly understand customer website activity. You can use this knowledge to optimize your cloud commerce site's revenue generating power.

  • Plan: Use site data to establish baseline site metrics and conversion paths that make it easy to identify high-value customer segments.
  • Measure: Access real-time reports to measure marketing campaign performance and evaluate your site design and merchandising decisions.
  • Convert: View all site activity — paid search engines, email providers, affiliate programs and more — in one place so you can improve targeted marketing efforts, increase conversion rates and build revenue.
  • Easy: No set-up fee. No training fee. No expensive consulting required.


Digital River Bid Management

Search engines certainly drive traffic. But driving traffic isn't enough. You have to drive the right traffic to increase sales. Keywords are literally the key.

Digital River® Bid Management gives you the detailed data you need to determine exactly how successful your pay-per-click ads are so you can strengthen your resulting ROI.

  • Keyword tracking: Gain real-time oversight and reporting for both organic and pay-per-click searches on Yahoo Search, Google AdWords, Miva, MSN and more.
  • Keyword research: Estimate traffic, get keyword suggestions, see common misspellings and more.
  • Click audit: Protect your business from pay-per-click fraud with automatic monitoring.
  • Keyword bid management: Automate keyword bid management to save time and increase your performance.

Digital River Bid Management is also known as KeywordMax.


Digital River Affiliate Network

Tap into the Digital River® Affiliate Network and gain immediate access to an established online marketplace for software, consumer electronics and games.

The Digital River Affiliate Network is the fast, easy way to sell more online. Now you can expand your presence around the globe, build more sales and make more money online without risking your time and money prospecting new channels. Experienced affiliates do all the work for you.

  • Widest possible coverage: Over 100,000 affiliates from around the world.
  • Brand integrity: Traffic runs through your own branded storefront, hosted by Digital River.
  • Simple management: With access to intuitive remote control tools and Digital River's experts, running your affiliate program is easy.
  • Turnkey accounting: Digital River's global cloud commerce engines integrate with our affiliate platform to instantly automate accounting processes and affiliate payments.

The Digital River Affiliate Network is also known as oneNetworkDirect.


Digital River Backup CD

Digital River® Backup CD provides you an easy way to offer physical discs to online shoppers who want a backup of their software download. It's a simple and cost-effective solution because Digital River handles all production and fulfillment on-demand.

  • Drive incremental revenue: Up to 50% of download customers purchase a Backup CD when it is an option in their shopping cart.
  • Customize backups: Brand and design your discs and packaging with your logo and messaging.
  • Offer free trial software: Each backup disc can include up to three trial programs of your other software titles. It's an effective and proven way to increase product sales.

Digital River Backup CD is also known as CustomCD.


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global cloud commerce strategies. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges and needs specific to each of these markets.



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