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Digital River drives profits. At launch… and years later.

In the last two years, the complexity of successfully monetizing games has increased by a factor of 10. Further, the need to alter monetization strategies post game launch has changed from an “if” to a “when.” Add to this the challenge of maximizing worldwide profit while removing the risk of fines, fraud and security issues and you end up with a very large need for technology and expertise. Digital River fulfills your needs as only a billion dollar e-commerce giant can. Your net gains will be more profits and more time to focus on creating fun.


At every step, you are in control and agile

Our e-commerce systems support thousands of game monetization strategies. This depth and breadth allows you to execute the exact business model that you need. Further, it allows you to quickly capitalize on shifts in customer preferences as your game matures.


Optimize ARPU by blending micro-transaction, virtual currency, cloud-based subscription, episodic, user-generated content, secondary market, advertising, and rental and hard good models.


Recruit, Retain, Win-back

Drive acquisition, loyalty and engagement through coordinated affiliate, email, advertising and search messaging channels.



Leverage optimized storefronts in-game, on social networks and through web properties to cross-sell, up-sell and close your customers where they are.


Collect, Keep, Recognize:

  • Accept customers’ payments in their preferred currency and payment method without tax complications.
  • Block fraudsters without turning away players.
  • Accelerate revenue recognition while maintaining international legal compliance.


Commerce is our game

We have an entire division of specialists who know games inside and out. They are masters when it comes to optimizing commerce and driving revenue using best-in-class tools and proven growth strategies.


Maximize in-game revenue, real and virtual

When it comes to managing the intricacies of in-game e-commerce, including micro-transactions, virtual goods trading and currencies, universal wallets, and more, Digital River has the deep global experience you can depend on.


Turn recurring billing into recurring profit with cloud-based subscriptions 

Subscription management is one of the ways you can transform gaming from a one-time purchase to an ongoing revenue model. Flexible, scalable and cost- effective, Digital River delivers a feature-rich subscription solution that you can tailor to meet the needs of your global customers. You can:

  • Automate your recurring revenue models
  • Manage the subscriber lifecycle
  • Increase customer lifetime value

Our full-service subscription management and billing solution is powered by our world-class, cloud-based global e- commerce infrastructure. Our subscriptions solution combines key criteria for renewal success – a global footprint that facilitates a wide range of payment methods, multiple currency support and local card acquiring, optimized billing and card authorization processes, and customer communication.

  • Flexible Solutions for Every Business Model
    • One-time and recurring business models
    • Volume-based models
    • Fixed, tiered and pro-rated pricing
    • Multiple billing terms: monthly, quarterly, annually, and flexible periods
  • Global Payment and Billing Expertise
    • More than 20 payment methods
    • Transactions in 30 currencies
    • Auto renewals by credit card, debit card, direct debit, and PayPal
    • Local card acquiring for higher authorization rates
    • Multiple billing attempts
    • Visa Account Update and MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater


There’s more in-store for you and your customers

To boost online game sales, Digital River will design, build and host your branded e-store. Whether customers purchase games for download, have them shipped or play online, the entire online experience will be seamless and effortless for both you and gamers.



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