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Engineered to drive global sales 

in more than 85 countries and 26 languages.

Partner with experts who understand the global marketplace

From site development and customer acquisition to back office operations, including transaction processing, export controls, tax management and product fulfillment, Digital River® Global Commerce™ is designed to deliver results. You get a premiere, full-service e-store solution backed by commerce experts who know how to manage and grow the most complex global online businesses.

Digital River Global Commerce offers you our most powerful cloud commerce tools and services for selling digital and physical products across global online markets. Build sales and expand into some of the fastest growing online markets worldwide, while we handle all the details of each country, like taxes, regulations, payments, e-marketing and more. End-to-end, you'll have everything you need to quickly and easily serve your customers – no matter how big your program or how global your business.


Minimize risk and overhead

Online commerce involves risks that can overwhelm the unprepared and chew up revenue. With Global Commerce, you get powerful risk protection. This comprehensive solution is designed to protect you from changing regulations, security concerns and fraud.

When you power your e-commerce on Digital River's triple redundant, global infrastructure, you avoid a multi- million dollar,
in-house investment, not to mention ongoing management costs such as hardware maintenance, software, logistics, customer service and fulfillment. Enjoy the benefits of Digital River's years of experience helping companies excel in online commerce and get the freedom to concentrate on the best parts of your business – creating new products and growing larger profits.


Digital River Global Commerce is designed to deliver results

Multiple product monetization models

Expanded markets, revenue streams and customer relationships are the driving force behind our product monetization models:

  • Digital River® Global Payment Services – Maximize revenue and reach new markets with a targeted, optimized global payments program.
  • Business-to-Business – Automate and grow your channel sales programs, using advanced reseller management tools, private purchase portals, financing options, tiered pricing and more.
  • Cloud-Based Subscription Billing and Commerce – Whether you sell online services, cloud-based, physical or digital products, we offer a flexible, global subscription solution to automate your recurring revenue model, manage the subscriber lifecycle, and increase customer lifetime value.
  • In-Product Commerce – Offer the same robust shopping experience inside your application that you do on your online store. Enterprise software publishers can allow users to purchase an upgrade, renew a subscription or add a new service feature at any time, from any device - all without ever leaving the product.
  • Micro-transactions and in-product marketing – Build software game play excitement and sales by launching in-game promotions and a payments program.

Design management tools

Get all the design, marketing, reporting and testing tools you need to drive revenue. We provide store designs that can be easily updated on the fly and customized for specific customer segments, locales and promotions. You have complete control over the look, feel and flow of the commerce experience to attract more buyers and increase conversion rates.


Dynamic site merchandising

Cross-selling, up-selling, pop-ups, coupons and bundling functionalities drive incremental sales.


Interactive e-marketing agency

Digital River's team of expert marketers goes to work for you to drive your site traffic, product campaigns and revenue.


Global fulfillment solutions

Whether you are selling digital or physical products, Digital River has the global footprint and relationships with third-party distributors on four continents to fulfill your orders worldwide. Plus, the online systems in place to automatically handle unexpected spikes in volume and optimize offline deliveries.


End-to-end optimization

Built-in platform features enable true A/B testing so you can continually test content, pricing, promotions, site flow and more. These features will increase sales and close ratios, boost average order size, greatly enhance marketing efforts, reduce costs and keep you one step ahead of ever-changing markets and competitors.


Robust reporting

Intuitive web-based tools offer easy tracking of products, promotions, customer behaviors, site health and more.


Trouble-free upgrades

New capabilities are added every few weeks. All 100% free of licensing fees, major version upgrades and system updates, business interruptions or the need to re-work your site.


Every transaction backed by:

  • A triple redundant e-commerce infrastructure carefully architected across multiple global data centers
  • Non-stop order taking that is load balanced for maximum performance
  • Separate, secure client data utilizing 128 bit SSL encryption and advanced 128 bit cyphers
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression (FM200, Argon and deionized water mist)
  • Real-time offsite backups
  • Experienced support staff including marketing, commerce and fraud prevention experts
  • Fraud prevention backed by advanced neural networks
  • Secure access (CCTV, proximity badges, biometrics)
  • 24x7x365 technical help desk
  • Multiple staging environments
  • PCI DSS certification


Protect against audits and hefty fines

  • PCI DSS certified
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliant
  • 2003 CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • Relevant domestic and international taxes are automatically calculated and applied
  • Transactions are cross-referenced with multiple, up-to-date denied party, restricted product and embargoed country lists







"Digital River presented us with a comprehensive e-commerce solution that met our business requirements We are able to not only leverage Digital River's physical product fulfillment services for shipping packaged video games, but also merchandise the site without investing in additional infrastructure."



"Our relationship with Digital River enables SanDisk to expand our e-commerce presence on a global level. By providing consumers with a convenient channel to buy our products at, we are creating an engaging customer experience. Digital River helps SanDisk provide an outstanding e-commerce experience for our site visitors."


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