Commerce Express: Self-Managed Enterprise Commerce

Gain high-velocity access to 

online buyers around the world.

Engineered for high performance and scalability

Digital River® Commerce Express™ is a global commerce solution designed primarily for the mid-market, but perfect for any company – large or small – looking for the ultimate freedom in taking control over their online business. With Commerce Express, you get remote control access to one of the industry's leading global enterprise commerce systems – and the advanced online tools needed to design and launch a sophisticated cart solution. Fully customizable checkout features, extensive merchandising options, high-end marketing tools and global capabilities get businesses driving revenue in days.

  • Deploy in days to access global online markets
  • Drive customer conversions and increase revenue by building a custom online order process
  • Raise AOV and close ratios with a range of advanced and easily implemented e-marketing tools
  • Gain global capabilities to reach customers worldwide with extensive localized payment solutions
  • Rigorously test and optimize the buyer experience in real-time with the Site Optimizer and Multivariate Testing toolset
  • Make more informed decisions that drive better business results using reporting and analytics
  • Minimize operational risks with a triple redundant infrastructure, state of the art fraud protection and monthly updates, all at your fingertips


Proven technology that works hard for you at the global level

Commerce Express will have you selling online around the clock and around the world in days – all without the risks and overhead of an in-house investment. And because this proven, mid-tier solution runs on an enterprise e-commerce system, it scales as your business grows, giving you exactly what you need, and none of what you don't.


Tailor an order process that wins customers and drives up profits

Boost revenue and grow your business globally by creating an online buyer experience that promotes sales at every step. With Commerce Express' fully customizable modular components, you can freely customize your checkout design and flow to effectively target audiences in different locales. You'll find that state-of-the-art usability, increased transparency and localization in more than 15 languages, all create a measurable increase in conversion rates. Sophisticated administration tools will also save you time and money, and give you hands-on control to manage and optimize your online business.


Advanced marketing tools drive revenue and ROI

Raise average order value and close ratios while growing your revenue. Commerce Express' unique, cost-effective marketing options offer you additional exposure for your products. From an extensive toolset that includes coupons, cross-selling, upselling, on-demand delivery for both physical and digital products, and marketing campaigns, you can select promotion and merchandising services that best reach your specific target groups. With built-in remote control functionality, you are free to set up, schedule, review and alter campaigns at any time, so you can quickly respond to changing markets and customer demands. Or if you like, our in-house interactive agency – Digital River marketForce – can go to work for you, managing your marketing programs to drive bigger revenues and returns.


Reach global markets and customers

Commerce Express enables you to grow globally by helping you sell locally. You can reach buyers in emerging markets around the globe using a localized order process in more than 15 pre-configured languages and a host of global and local payment solutions. With payment methods ranging from local credit and debit cards, local wire transfers, online banking, wallet solutions, and country-specific payment solutions, you'll be able to capitalize on new markets almost overnight without the risk or cost involved in setting up direct relationships in unfamiliar markets.


Design, test and optimize your cart in real-time

With Commerce Express, you'll rely on tools not found in other cart solutions. Using a sophisticated Multivariate Testing (MVT) toolkit, you can rigorously test the buyer experience by measuring site flow, layout, pricing, offers, design and cart performance on the go. Increase sales and close ratios, boost average order size, enhance marketing efforts and reduce costs with our advanced MVT tools. Data delivered in real-time takes the guesswork out of site merchandising and design and keeps you ahead of ever-changing markets and competitors.


Powerful reporting and analytics produce better results

Take more control over each aspect of your business – strategic, tactical and operational – by mining an incredible array of data. With Commerce Express' intuitive reporting and analytics tools and services, you'll be armed with the actionable data you need to make more informed decisions, drive better results, save time and contain costs.


Highlighted Industries

Different industries demand different
commerce strategies. We have an intimate understanding of the challenges and needs specific to each of these markets based on over 15 years of experience helping businesses to generate more revenue.


>  Software
We understand the nuances of today's on-demand software marketplace and translate that into increased global sales for our clients.


>  Consumer Electronics
We build multi-channel strategies that drive direct-to-consumer sales and complement existing channel relationships.


>  Games
We stay well ahead of industry trends so you can generate more revenue from your games.


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